‘Purge’ Rape Letter By Teen Rocks High School

A rape letter written by a teenage boy based on the ‘Purge’ movies has caused controversy at a high school in Scotts Valley.

“A graphic letter describing a rape and killing fantasy written by a student at Scotts Valley High School has some parents up in arms.

The letter was written by a 15-year-old boy, a student at Scotts Valley High School, and it details a brutal rape and killing scenes directed at specific female students and a teacher.

The letter opens with the 15-year-old boy describing himself as heading for a specific teacher’s room and once inside he writes: “I took out a small dagger and stabbed (student 1) in the throat, causing blood to spurt out.”

The letter goes on to detail the boy stabbing a girl in the eye to death and several other graphic rape scenes with specific young girls named outright. Each of the plot lines of the boy’s letter involve specific girls who go to school at Scotts Valley High School and a specific teacher.” [READ MORE]