Michella: Russian Prostitute Involved In Goldman Sachs Controversy (PHOTO)

Michella, a Russian prostitute, is at the center of a controversy claiming she and another woman was paid by a Goldman Sachs banker for sex using company funds.

“Known only as Michella, the Russian beauty was allegedly one of two sex workers paid to romp with a Goldman Sachs banker and his intern at a five-star hotel.

Now based in Italy, she boasts of her “amazing refined body” and “sexy shape” on an escort website, and admits she’s “guilty of having great appetite for naughty games.”

She offers “hours full of passion where all fantasies become real” – but it’s a service that has put her at the heart of a multi-million pound court case.” [READ MORE]

Goldman Sachs Prostitution Allegation

Goldman Sachs is being sued by the Libyan Investment Authority – a government fund. The fund claims Goldman Sachs encouraged investments in nine trades in 2008 that ended up being worthless.

Roger Masefield, a lawyer representing the LIA claims that Goldman Sachs banker Youssef Kabbaj flew LIA intern Haitem Zarti out to Dubai at Goldman Sachs’ expense for a conference.

Masefield claims that at the five-star Ritz Carlton Hotel in Dubai, that Kabbaj hired the two prostitutes to spend the evening with them at a cost of $600, in order to influence their trading decisions.

Goldman Sachs denies knowing that the money was used on prostitutes.

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