Ronnie Farrell: Photos And Facts

About Ronnie Farrell

Ronnie Farrell is a 46-year-old teacher at Palo Alto High School in Palo Alto, California.

Ronnie Farrell Arrest

Farrell was arrested on June 15, 2016 after he was accused of assaulting a student. The parent of a 15-year-old girl told her mother that Farrell had assaulted her.

Police say that on June 7, 2016, Farrell was alone in his classroom with the student after hours. She alleges that he put his hands under the victim’s clothes and touched her breasts, and then took one of her hands and placed it on his groin over his clothing.

Police found that he had been messaging the child on social media. He arranged to meet with her at the school after the incident, but was instead met by police officers.

He has been booked on felony charges of child molestation, sexual battery, communicating with a minor with the intent to commit a sex crime, and arranging a meeting with a minor with the intent to commit a sex crime.

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Ronnie Farrell
Ronnie Farrell