Lynsie Pousson Pendarvis: Photos And Facts

About Lynsie Pousson Pendarvis

Lynsie Pousson Pendarvis (aka Lynsie Pendarvis) is a 33 year old former teacher at Walker Freshman High School in Walker, Louisiana.

Lynsie Pousson Pendarvis Arrest

On June 16 2016, Pendarvis was arrested after a student said he had sex with her. She has been charged with carnal knowledge and indecent behavior with a juvenile.

Walker Police Captain John Sharp said: ““Acting on information we received from a reliable source a week ago, we initiated a preliminary investigation into the nature of a relationship between Ms. Pendarvis and a 15-year-old male student. Our initial inquiry uncovered evidence appearing to support the existence of an inappropriate relationship between the teacher and her student. Consequently, our Officers interviewed the minor, along with his parents. During that interview process, the minor admitted engaging in a sexual relationship with Ms. Pendarvis. The minor’s parents acknowledged that their son informed them of the sexual relationship shortly before their interview with our investigators.”

Pendarvis was also arrested and charged with child desertion the week before.

Lynsie Pousson Pendarvis Photos

Lynsie Pousson Pendarvis
Lynsie Pousson Pendarvis
Lynsie Pousson Pendarvis - Mugshot
Lynsie Pousson Pendarvis – Mugshot