Even Conservatives Realize Trump’s Judge Attack Is Racist

Even conservative commentators, who have largely abandoned #NeverTrump, are pointing out that Donald Trump’s racial attack on the judge overseeing Trump University is beyond the pale. Philip Klein, writing at the right-wing Washington Examiner, notes that Trump is wrong.

Putting aside the fact that Trump’s position that a judge of Latino descent would be inherently biased against him is at odds with his campaign boasts that Latinos love him and will vote for him in droves, it gives lie to the idea that his position on immigration is rooted in wanting to prevent illegal entry and criminal acts.

In this case, Trump can’t hide behind the excuse that he’s attacking an immigrant who snuck into this country illegally to push drugs and commit violence. In reality, he is attacking somebody who was born and raised in the heartland of America, and who as a prosecutor actually helped take down a leading Mexican drug cartel.

But to Trump, he can do nothing to wash off the taint of his parents having been immigrants.

Judge Curiel is exposing the high pressure scammy tactics of Trump University by releasing the boiler room tactics in the company’s internal documents, and this enrages Trump. That’s why Trump is complaining about the Mexican heritage of the U.S.-born official, and his rabid base eats up this sort of racism.

It’s notable that on the same day Trump lobbed his latest race bomb, he was endorsed by Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, in the latest capitulation by the Republican Party establishment to an explicitly racist demagogue.

Trump succeded in the Republican primary not in spite of his racism, but in large part thanks to it. He went the furthest to the right in the entire field bashing Latinos, and the Republican base, tired of eight years of Obama and the suggestion that the Republican Party not be the home of anti-Latino racism, rewarded him for it.

He’s not an aberration from what the party has become. His racism is their lifeblood.