Oliver Willis

Obama Tells Bernie Sanders His Time Is Nearly Up

President Obama delicately responded to a question about the Democratic primary, but the thrust of his message is very clear. This thing is over, and the nominee won’t be Bernie Sanders.

“I think that there has been a healthy debate in the Democratic Party, and it’s almost over,” Obama said during a town hall-style event broadcast by PBS.

People will “probably have a pretty good sense next week,” of who the nominee will be, Obama said.

There is no statistical way for Sanders to close the gap on Hillary Clinton, who is under 70 delegates away from clinching the nomination. Between the primary in New Jersey and California, Clinton will cross that threshold next Tuesday. She will go on to get the official nomination at the convention in Philadelphia, but until then she will be the presumptive nominee and the party’s chosen leader to go up against Donald Trump.

President Obama knows this, and frankly, so does Bernie Sanders — and his supporters should realize this reality sooner rather than later.