After Backlash, Trump Claims Muslim Ban Proposal Was A Lie

Donald Trump’s presidential campaign is now claiming that its proposed ban on Muslim travel to the United States was simply a primary season lie designed to get the votes of conservative supporters.

Speaking to the Huffington Post, top Trump campaign official Paul Manafort said the candidate has begun “moderating” on the proposal. Manafort told the site, “He’s already started moderating on that. He operates by starting the conversation at the outer edges and then brings it back towards the middle. Within his comfort zone, he’ll soften it some more.”

During the Republican primary campaign, Trump made a speech and press release calling for a ban on Muslim travel to the United States until authorities can figure out “what is going on.”

The proposal was slammed by both Democrats and Republicans alike, as well as drawing condemnation from civil rights groups and even British Prime Minister David Cameron, who pointed out the idea was contrary to what the world knows America has stood for.