Oliver Willis

How Clinton Is Blasting Trump Hiding His Secret Tax Returns (VIDEO)

Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign has just released a new web video attacking Donald Trump for his failure to release his tax returns.

The video points out that every excuse Trump has given for keeping his returns a secret is null and void. First, the piece notes that Trump originally tied the disclosure of his tax returns to his long-held conspiracy theory that President Obama is not a natural born citizen. As part of his birther campaign, Trump tied the disclosure of Obama’s birth certificate to discussion over whether he would release his tax returns.

Trump also said he would release his returns if he finally decided to run for president (still no release) and now is pushing the lie that he can’t release his returns until his audit is complete (the IRS has said this is untrue).

Every nominee for both parties since 1976 has released their returns, and even though he had to be hounded into it, Trump’s predecessor as the Republican nominee – Mitt Romney – released his, and has gone on the record saying Trump should do the same.

Based on past exaggerations and testimony from Trump, it’s possible he is afraid that his returns will show that he is worth much less than he claims to be. Biographer Timothy O’Brien estimated that Trump’s net worth is closer to $250 million, rather than the $10 billion he currently claims. Trump has even testified under oath that his net worth is often based on his emotional state, rather than the actual assets he owns and operates.