Oliver Willis

Underage Girl Reportedly Sexually Groped At Trump Rally (VIDEO)

The atmosphere of chaos and misogyny continued at rallies supporting Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump, this time in Janesville, Wisconsin, the home of Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan.

At the rally, a fifteen-year-old girl was allegedly sexually groped by a Trump supporter, then pepper sprayed by another.

The teen, identified by local news outlets as a protester, was in a crowd of about 1,000 people gathered outside the Holiday Inn Express when she was allegedly groped by a man and pepper-sprayed by another person.

Videos of the incident showed the teen yelling at a man in the crowd.

“You fucking touched my chest!” she screamed.

“I never touched her,” responded a voice from the throng.

When the teen tried to throw a punch at someone in the crowd, another person sprayed an orange substance in her face.

The incident occurred on the same day that Trump’s campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, was charged with battery for manhandling conservative reporter Michelle Fields at a Trump press conference.

In response to the charge, Trump held a press availability in which he minimized and ridiculed Fields, choosing to stand by his staffer. At the rally in Janesville, Trump mocked Field’s allegations on stage as his supporters reportedly yelled epithets about Fields.

Many Trump fans on social media have hounded Fields and those supporting her claims, with some suggesting that she deserved to be hurt, as others wished sexual harm on her.

Trump was criticized for his insensitive language surrounding the alleged assault from Democratic candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Others have pointed out that Trump has not fired or suspended his campaign manager, while other campaigns – even Republican ones – have dealt out harsh penalties to staffers for far less egregious offenses.

Video evidence released by the Jupiter, Florida, police department backs up the allegation that Lewandowski grabbed fields.