Oliver Willis

Former Instructor Reveals The Secret Of Trump University, Alleges Trump In Trouble

A former instructor for Donald Trump’s “Trump University” says he plans to sue the current Republican front runner for money he feels he is owed.

James Harris accuses Trump of exercising “bad judgement” in operating the for-profit school that has been investigated by state authorities and which is currently embroiled in a lawsuit. The lawsuit alleges Trump University preyed on innocents who wanted to learn about real estate, only to be constantly upsold on lessons that didn’t do enough to make them Trump-style real estate moguls.

The former instructor spoke to the Daily Mail about his complaints.

James Harris tells Daily Mail Online in an exclusive interview that the leading Republican Presidential candidate exercised ‘bad judgment’ and hired the wrong people to teach at the controversial institution.

He claims he was cheated out of thousands of dollars in unpaid fees and that he plans to sue the billionaire to get it back.

Harris says that voters should not back Trump in the presidential election because he failed in real estate – the area he claims to be an expert in.

Trump has claimed that most Trump University patrons were satisfied with their experiences, and also touted the false rebuttal that Trump University was highly rated by the Better Business Bureau. In a press conference, the Better Business Bureau denied Trump’s claims.

Trump’s association with Trump University has been hammered on by both Democrats and Republicans, who portray it as another sordid business episode from Trump’s past, in which he was required to shut it down as complaints piled up.

The former instructor claims that he made over $900,000 from Trump University, and the Daily Mail reports that, “Since it has closed down he has continued to sell get rich quick schemes and on social media he flaunts his apparent wealth with videos of him at beach resorts in the Caribbean.”

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