Oliver Willis

Batman vs Superman: Dawn Of Justice Review

Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice is not without problems, but I have a hard time with the overwhelmingly negative tone of so many reviews.

I’m not surprised though, to be frank, many people have — for whatever reason — been salivating over the prospect of being negative on this movie. Whether it’s out of animosity towards director Zack Snyder or other factors, I couldn’t tell you.

That being said, the main thing about BvsS is that it is neither a Batman nor Superman movie. It’s not really a sequel to Man of Steel in the traditional sense.

It is the first Justice League movie, and it’s biggest problem is that it takes too long to be that movie, which is the one diehard fans like myself want to see. The plot points involved in getting to that section of the movie are somewhat overwrought and in its own head. In a way this is similar to how Snyder’s Watchmen was far too faithful to the comic while not just being a movie.

I liked all the leads, but we don’t spend enough time with Clark Kent being Clark or Superman, or Wonder Woman doing her thing -I’ll be looking forward to her solo movie. We get a lot of Batman, which might be okay if we hadn’t just had a trilogy of mega-blockbusters about Batman within the decade. WE GET BATMAN. He’s one of my favorite characters, but come on.

Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor is more manic than other portrayals of him, and he comes across as closer to the Joker than the more stoic Lex Luthor of the comics but not as broad as Gene Hackman’s interpretation of the character.

Comic book movies love an origin story, and this movie is about the origin of the Justice League, which relies on the relationship between the trinity of Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman as its foundation more than SHIELD pulling the strings on its Marvel counterpart, the Avengers.

As a DC fanboy, I enjoyed many of the hints at the larger DC movie universe to come (at least I hope they do, as the reviews for this movie have been poor though it remains to be seen if that will affect the actual box office).

That may also be its weakest element because its trying to get to where Marvel was able to slowly build up to over 4–5 movies, but in one film — and it shows.

But again, once it gets there, I enjoyed it and while it’s definitely not a perfect film, the payoff of having a real Justice League movie gets there.

Overall rating: B-