Oliver Willis

Katt Williams Fight Video With Teen: Facts And Photos

A viral video of Katt Williams losing a fight to a teenager has been circulating online.

Katt Williams Fight Video. [3/23/16]

Katt William Fight Video Came From WorldStarHipHop. “The video was posted as a series of clips and was picked up by WorldStarHipHop, a content aggregating video blog. The video then shot to the top of Reddit in the subreddit “Justice Porn.”” [Heavy, 3/23/16]

Williams Was Recently Arrested For Battery. “Comedian Katt Williams punched a Georgia store employee during an argument and got arrested on a battery charge Monday morning, police said.” [NY Daily News, 2/29/16]

Williams Is Facing Trial For Stealing A Woman’s Camera. “The decision came after prosecutors played videotape in court that depicted Knight allegedly ordering the crime against a female photographer in Beverly Hills last year and Williams walking away with the woman’s camera.” [NY Daily News, 10/13/15]