Oliver Willis

Brussels Terrorist Attacks: Facts And Photos

Two terrorist attacks occurred in Brussels, Belgium on March 22, 2016

Terrorist Attacks Hit Two Targets In Brussels. “Officials said that at least 13 were killed in the two explosions at the Brussels Zaventem Airport’s Departures Hall, and, 15 more at the metro station, where 55 others were injured.” [People, 3/22/16]

Brahim El-Bakhraoui, Khalid El-Bakhraoui: Brothers Identified As Brussels Attackers. “Two brothers have been identified as suicide bombers in the deadly attack in Brussels that killed 31 people Tuesday, according to Belgian authorities.” [WWayTV3, 3/22/16]

A Third Bomb Was Deactivated At The Airport. “A third bomb, which failed to explode during Tuesday’s attacks at the Brussels Airport, was safely deactivated, an airport spokeswoman said.” [Business Insider, 3/22/16]

ISIS Has Claimed Responsibility For The Attack. [Reuters, 3/22/16]

Belgian Authorities Released Photo Of Attackers. [NBC, 3/22/16]

Brussels Attack Terrorists

Belgium Prime Minister: Attacks Were “Blind, Violet, And Cowardly.” “Describing the attacks as “the day we feared,” Prime Minister Charles Michel sought to calm the population shaken by twin attacks at the airport and a downtown Metro station. “Our country has been hit by blind, violent and cowardly bombings,” Michel said.” [People, 3/22/16]

Video Of The Attack

Surveillance Video Of Brussels Airport Terrorist Bomb. [3/22/16]

VIDEO: Inside Zaventem Airport After The Attack [RT, 3/22/16]

VIDEO: Maalbeek Subway Station After Bombing [RT, 3/22/16]

VIDEO: EU Foreign Policy Chief Federica Mogherini Cries During Press Conference On Brussels Attacks. [RT, 3/22/16]

International Reaction

Obama: “This Is Yet Another Reminder That The World Must Unite.” [ABC, 3/22/16]

French President Hollande Calls Attacks “Cowardly And Horrible.” [Reuters, 3/22/16]

Pope Francis: Attacks Were “Abominable Cruelty.” [Reuters, 3/23/16]

#JeSuisBruxelles And #JeSuisBrussels Trend On Social Media. “The hashtag, which means “I am Brussels,” began trending worldwide following the attacks which killed at least 26 and wounded 130 people.” [USA Today, 3/22/16]

U.S. Airlines Canceled Flights To Brussels After Attacks. “U.S. airlines canceled flights to Brussels after bombings at that international airport halted flights, and prompted tighter security across Europe and in New York City.” [USA Today, 3/22/16]

American Conservatives Preach Hate After Brussels Attacks. “Prominent conservatives used the tragedy to draw links with refugees and border closures, and promote other extremist agendas.” [Huffington Post, 3/22/16]

Roundup of Celebrity Reaction To Brussels Attack. [People, 3/22/16]