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Andy Grove, Former Intel CEO/Chairman Dead At 79: Facts And Photos

Andrew “Andy” Grove, the former CEO and Chairman of Intel died at the age of 79.

Former Intel CEO/Chairman Andy Grove Died March 21 2016. “Intel announced that the company’s former CEO and Chairman Andrew S. Grove passed away today at the age of 79.” [Intel, 3/21/16]

Grove Was Diagnosed With Parkinson’s Disease In 2000. “The former Intel chief, now battling Parkinson’s, is on a crusade to speed progress in treating the disease.” [Forbes, 1/11/2008]


Grove Escaped Nazi-Occupied Hungary At 8 Years Old. “When he was eight, the Nazis occupied Hungary and deported nearly 500,000 Jews to concentration camps. He and his mother took on false identities and were sheltered by friends” [Wikipedia, 3/21/16]

Grove Was An Immigrant. “Born András Gróf in Budapest, Hungary, Grove immigrated to the United States in 1956-7 having survived Nazi occupation and escaped Soviet repression.” [Intel, 3/21/16]


Grove Increased Intel Revenues From $1.9 Billion To Over $26 Billion. “Under his leadership, Intel produced the chips, including the 386 and Pentium, that helped usher in the PC era. The company also increased annual revenues from $1.9 billion to more than $26 billion.” [Intel, 3/21/16]

As CEO, Grove Grew Intel Into A Business Giant. “During his tenure as CEO, Grove oversaw a 4,500% increase in Intel’s market capitalization from $4 billion to $197 billion, making it the world’s 7th largest company, with 64,000 employees. Most of the company’s revenues were reinvested in research and development, along with building new facilities, in order to produce improved and faster microprocessors.” [Wikipedia, 3/21/16]

Steve Jobs “Idolized” Grove. “Steve Jobs idolized Andrew Grove, too, according to Isaacson’s biography about Jobs.” [Christian Science Monitor, 12/12/11]

Grove Led With The Motto “Only The Paranoid Survive.” “He became known for his guiding motto: “Only the paranoid survive,” and wrote a management book with the same title.” [Wikipedia, 3/21/16]

Grove Was Time “Man Of The Year” In 1997. [Time, 12/29/97]

Andy Grove – Time Man Of The Year 1997