Racism In 2016: Facts & Photos

Ohio Cop Praised Death Of Black Lives Matter Activist. “MarShawn McCarrel, 23, fatally shot himself Monday on the steps of the Ohio Statehouse in Columbus. Fairborn, Ohio police officer Lee Cyr commented “Love a happy ending” on a Facebook link about McCarrel, according to the report. Fairborn Police Department policy prohibits officers from posting on social media while on duty.” [TPM, 2/12/16]

White Texas A&M Students Yelled Racial Slurs At Black High School Students. “Texas A&M University officials are expressing the requisite shock and disappointment after a group of white students reportedly yelled racial slurs at a group of black high school students visiting from Dallas’ Uplift Hampton Preparatory. A woman wearing Confederate flag earrings also reportedly approached two high school girls on the tour to ask if they liked them.” [Jezebel, 2/12/16]