Koch Brothers: Facts & Photos

Documenting the work of the conservative funders, Charles and David Koch.

Kochs Reportedly Paid Investigators To Dig Up Dirt On Reporters. “Among Dark Money’s myriad revelations—we haven’t finished it yet!—is that one or both of the Koch brothers apparently paid a P.I. firm run by Howard Safir, the police commissioner under New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani, to dig up dirt on Mayer to retaliate against her watershed New Yorker profile of the brothers from 2010.” [Gawker, 1/27/16]

Koch Brothers Have Spent $110 Million To Influence Colleges. “From 2005-2014, Koch spent $109.7 million on 361 distinct campuses, according to Greenpeace’s updated analysis of IRS filings from Koch’s nonprofit foundations. Charles Koch has long advocated for universities to advance corporate interests. Universities offer a sense of prestige and trust to Koch’s lobbying, serving to influence both current and future policy and regulation efforts.” [Huffington Post, 1/28/16]

Koch Group Allegedly Broke Law In Iowa Senate Campaign. “The watchdog groups, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington and the Center for Media and Democracy, allege that a non-profit called Trees of Liberty violated the tax code and possibly criminal law by spending most of its cash on political purposes, while claiming otherwise in its tax filings.” [Politico, 1/28/16]