John Robinson, Lisa Robinson Powerball Winners: Photos & Facts

Tennessee couple John Robinson and Lisa Robinson have come forth as one of the three winners of the $1.5 billion Powerball lottery.

The Robinsons bought their Powerball ticket at Naifeh’s Food Mart. The mart is a a block away from their home in Munford, Tennessee.

The Robinsons have two children. John Robinson said he bought the tickets to represent the 4 members of their family, as he always does.

Lisa Robinson works in a dermatologist’s office, and John Robinson works at a maintenance distribution center.

After learning they had won, Lisa Robinson told NBC, “We were up all night. We didn’t get any sleep.”

Their Powerball prize will be worth about $533 million before taxes, $327.8 million if they choose the lump-sum payment.

John Robinson, Lisa Robinson Photos

John Robinson, Lisa Robinson
John Robinson, Lisa Robinson