Isa Dare: Photos & Facts

Who Is Isa?

Isa Dare is a British child believed to be featured in an ISIS propaganda video. He has been labeled “Jihadi Junior” by the British press. Dare is between 4-5 years old.

The video features the execution of several men that ISIS claims are British “spies.” The video has been denounced by British prime minister David Cameron.

Isa Dare is the son of Grace “Khadijah” Dare, a 22 year old woman from Lewisham in South London. She left England for Syria in 2012. She is married to a Swedish Islamic fighter called Abu Bak.

The name Isa means “Jesus.”

His grandfather, Sunday Dare, revealed that his grandson is being used in the propaganda videos.

Sunday Dare spoke to the Daily Mirror about Isa Dare’s appearance: “They are pure evil for doing this to that little child – pure evil. I burst into tears when I saw it was him.

“He doesn’t like it over there. I spoke to him on the phone and he just said ‘Grandad, come and get me’.

“I am devastated they have used my grandson like that – they are using him as a pawn.”

Isa Dare Photos

Isa Dare
Isa Dare
Isa Dare
Isa Dare