Eric Jamal Johnson: Photos & Facts

Eric Jamal Johnson Background

Eric Jamal Johnson is a U.S. Marine Corporal who is accused of killing Texas college student Sara Mutschlechner.

Johnson also operates under the name Santana Sage.

Eric Jamal Johnson Arrest

Johnson was arrested in the shooting of Mutschlechner, who was in the process of driving her friend’s home from a New Year’s Eve party when a man in an SUV tragically opened fire on their car.

Witnesses claim Johnson was driving an SUV and holding a handgun.

He has been charged with first-degree murder.

Sara Mutschlechner Murder

Police say Mutschlechner was leavinga party held at a home on Cristoforo Drive in Denton, Texas.

Police say an SUV pulled up next to her car and began “making lewd comments about the two females in the vehicle, saying they wanted to ‘f**k them’.”

When her friend told the men he didn’t appreciate their comments, one of the men allegedly said he would “beat his ass.” The driver in the SUV allegedly said “I’ll shoot your ass” and brandished a handgun.

The car pulled off and two shots were fired at it.

Mutschlechner was shot in the head then crashed her car into another vehicle and an electrical pole. The SUV then drove off.

Surveillance video shows the two vehicles parked next to each other. A gas station clerk said he heard two shots before the SUV pulled away.

Eric Jamal Johnson Photos

Eric Jamal Johnson
Eric Jamal Johnson