7 Year Old Kid Racks Up Six-Figure iPad Bill Playing This Game

A child racked up six figures in iPad charges while playing this game.

“The latest in the “you spent what on my what” saga comes from West Sussex, England. According to The Metro, Mohamed Shugaa recently found that his seven-year-old son had managed to rack up quite the bill playing the Jurassic World game on his iPad.

While said kid knew his dad’s password to get onto the iPad itself, the dad was surprised to learn that his son had also memorized his Apple ID password. And, in doing so, he was able to bypass any restrictions his father had placed on the device and buy whatever he wanted in the game.

The damage? The son made 65 transactions between December 13 and December 18—that’s a lot of dinosaurs—to the tune of £4,000, or just around $5,900.” [READ MORE]