WATCH: CNN’s Poppy Harlow Passes Out On Air

CNN anchor Poppy Harlow scared viewers after she passed out on-air on Monday morning.

Harlow was reporting on the findings of a new CNN poll discussing international terrorism when her speech began to be slurred and the network cut to black.

Twitter users posted concerned messages and some asked if Harlow had had a stroke or other kind of attack.

A few minutes later Harlow re-appeared on air and said she “got a little hot” and had “passed out for a moment” but was fine, and continued with her broadcast.

VIDEO: CNN’s Poppy Harlow Passes Out On Air

Poppy Harlow Background

Katharine Julia “Poppy” Harlow was born May 2, 1982 in Saint Paul, Minnesota. She has been best known for her reporting at CNN and for She is the anchor of CNN Newsroom which airs on Saturdays (3-6pm & 7-8pm) and Sundays (5-8pm). She previously worked as a business correspondent at CNN, CNN International and HLN, and as an anchor for