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Armaan Singh Sarai: Texas Student Photos & Facts

Armaan Singh Sarai is a 12-year-old boy from Arlington, Texas. He is a student in the Arlington ISD school district at Nichols Junior High School.

According to a Facebook post by Ginee Haer, his cousin, a bully in his class accused Armaan, who is Sikh, of having a bomb in his backpack. As a result of the accusation, Armaan was held in a juvenile detention facility for three days:

“On Friday, December 11th, 2015, my cousin attended school, like any other normal 12 year old child. A bully in class thought it would be funny to accuse him of having a bomb, and so the principal, without any questioning, interrogation, or notification to his parents, called the police. Worried & frightened at home, his family was concerned as to why he had not reached home right after school. They started calling every police department in the area, only to find out he was sent to a Juvenile facility. They kept him held behind bars for three consecutive days, before finally releasing him on Monday, December 15th.”

Armaan was carrying a backpack with a built-in charger for a cell phone, similar to many other bags being sold in retailers and online.

According to the Washington Post, Armaan said, “The student in front of me, who is the one who made the accusation . . . said that [the backpack] looked like a bomb.” He added, “Then Friday. . . I came back to that period and he was in front of me again and he said ‘I’m going to go tell on you. I’m going to go tell on you and say all this stuff about you. I’m going to go tell on you.”

The student complained to the school authorities, who apprehended Armaan and held him. He is currently forced to wear an ankle monitor while awaiting his court date.

Police say Armaan confessed to another student that he had a bomb, but his family disputes this.

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