Trump Effect: Teacher Asked Muslim 13 Yr Old If She Was Carrying Bomb In Backpack

A 13 year old Georgia student is quickly finding out what happens when the Republican presidential frontrunner and his conservative allies demonize the Muslim faith your family believes in.

Abdirizak Aden’s daughter, who wears a hijab, was asked by her teacher if she was carrying a bomb in her backpack.

She said the teacher called her out into the hallway. The teacher said she knew her joke went too far, especially because of “the things happening in the world right now,” said the daughter.

“It was very disrespectful,” the teen said. ” I came there to learn… At the end of the day I will still get my A or B and leave her class.”

Her father, who makes a living as a truck driver and grocery store owner, told the local paper that “We are from Africa, we are Muslims, we live in America, I didn’t teach my children to hate people or to think they are better than other people. I don’t want nobody to treat them like that.”

A spokeswoman for Gwinnett County Public Schools, where the incident took place, has acknowledged that the incident did take place. The school offered an apology to the student.

The incident is just the latest in a series of Islmaphobic incidents that have happened across America in the last few weeks. Frightened by the attacks in San Bernardino and Paris, scared people have lashed out at Muslims (and some Sikhs) despite widespread condemnation of the attacks and the ideology motivating them from Muslim groups.

Even worse, the hateful atmosphere has been egged on by national figures, like Donald Trump who proposed cutting off all Muslim travel to the country as a precautionary measure. Similarly, many of his fellow presidential candidates and Republican members of Congress have called on the government to stop Syrian war refugees from coming to America, even with assurances that they will be subject to extensive background checks.

The voices are creating an atmosphere of distrust against Muslim Americans, even against children who are simply trying to get their education.

Despite all this, Senator Marco Rubio attacked President Obama for urging a stop to this demonstration of hate, asking “Where is there widespread evidence that we have a problem in America with discrimination against Muslims?”

The latest evidence of the problem has manifested itself in a Georgia classroom, with a young woman as its target.

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