Bradley Kenneth Bartelt – 5 Facts You Need

Bradley Kenneth Bartelt
Bradley Kenneth Bartelt

Bradley Kenneth Bartelt has been identified as the man who came to Arkansas State University with a gun, triggering an active shooter warning on the school campus.

  1. He is 47 years old and was armed with a shotgun and had two propane tanks in a green truck.
  2. The Arkansas State University campus was put on lockdown.
  3. He parked on the student union lawn and pointed the gun at himself
  4. A police officer using a megaphone spoke to Bartlet
  5. He was taken into police custody without any shots being fired.

Bradley Kenneth Bartelt wrote a Facebook post the day before the incident in which he said, “Told multiple professionals and people in State of Arkansas I AM SUICIDAL and now HOMICIDAL, which is what appears they want so problem goes away, thought I would DIE from injures or kill myself by now!!!

Photos of Bradley Kenneth Bartelt Active Shooter Incident

Bradley Kenneth Bartelt appeared to have a Gadsen flag on his car