Jeb Bush Just Pooped Himself On Live TV (VIDEO)

Jeb Bush is bad at politics. He is very bad at running for president.

He is at his worst when defending his brother’s failed record of defending America from terrorism.

No president has lost more lives to terrorism in the entire history of the United States than George W. Bush. It is an immutable fact, not up for debate or subtle interpretation.

Bush Record On Terrorism

Jeb Bush, who’s campaign is becoming something of a shambles, now has to deal with Donald Trump being truthful for a change. All Trump said was that George W. Bush was president, and 9/11 happened on his watch. Republicans, who have spent the 14 years telling themselves little lies about Bush’s response, have gone into shock about this objective, obvious fact.

And watch Jeb Bush, appearing on CNN’s State of he Union, verbally defecating on himself in order to defend his brother’s indefensible failure to lead after terrorists killed thousands of innocent Americans. He wants to blame Hillary Clinton for Benghazi, but insists his brother is blameless for 9/11.