Janet Jackson S.E.X.L.I.N.E.S Controversy


Janet Jackson is involved in a possible lawsuit over the song “S.E.X.L.I.N.E.S.”

Producer Seven Aurelius released a song he claims he produced with Janet Jackson in 2003 called “S.E.X.L.I.N.E.S” and posted it to YouTube and SoundCloud.

In the description Aurelius wrote, “I spent a lot of time with Janet. She is my favorite artist to work with and produce.”

Soon after his accounts were disabled and he believes that Janet Jackson’s lawyers are behind its removal. Jackson’s lawyers said, “Miss Jackson has no interest in being associated with this song since she did not write it, produce it or perform in it. It is a hoax.”

Aurelius’ lawyers reportedly are considering legal action against Jackson after the song was removed.