Study Could Lead To Exercise Pill


A new study has researchers excited that they may have found a way to create an exercise pill.

The study published in the journal Cell Metabolism details the complete workout roadmap of the 1,000 different molecular changes that take place in the body’s muscles when it is exercising.

David James, head of the Australian research group that did the study, said in a release, “it is essential we find ways of developing drugs that mimic the benefits of exercise” for the many people where exercise isn’t a viable treatment option.

James continued, “With this exercise blueprint we have proven that any drug that mimics exercise will need to target multiple molecules and possibly even pathways, which are a combination of molecules working together. We believe this is the key to unlocking the riddle of drug treatments to mimic exercise.”

Exercise experts worry that the pill could be used as yet another part of the snake-oil industry where people are promised the benefits of exercise without putting in the work.