3 Videos That Prove The Gun Show Loophole Is Real

Despite all evidence and common sense, conservatives are now claiming that the gun show loophole does not exist. They, of course, are reading from the NRA hymnal and pretending that a very real phenomenon isn’t.

What Is The Gun Show Loophole?

The gun show loophole is the name given to the ability to purchase a firearm in a private sale without going through a background check. If two people outside of a gun store or dealer chose to buy and sell a gun, they can do it without the background of the purchaser having to be probed. The sale doesn’t have to take place at an actual gun show, it’s just that private sales of guns are able to get around background checks – which means that people with criminal records, like spousal abusers, are able to purchase guns without having their records checked.

Gun Show Loophole Video #1

CNN crew goes to gun show, is able to buy a gun without submitting any documentation, exchanging cash for a gun sale.

Gun Show Loophole Video #2

Private sellers at shows in Ohio, Nevada sell hundreds of guns for thousands of dollars in sale on a “cash and carry” basis, without having to submit background checks.

Gun Show Loophole Video #3

Private seller at gun show doesn’t even bother to check license as he sells a gun for cash, no background check.