If The Modern Media Covered The Civil Rights Movement (Part 2)

Glenn Beck on Fox News
Glenn Beck on Fox News

Previously: If The Modern Media Covered The Civil Rights Movement

NY Times:

The campaign to oppose civil rights is well financed and organized. Here is an in depth look at what they are doing to deny equal rights to all Americans, presented solely as a campaign tick-tock without any analysis of the moral imperative or historical import of the campaign. Next week we’ll do the same for the NAACP. We won’t judge anyone, lest we be accused of bias.

Washington Post Fact Checker:

When Dr. King said he had a dream, he never provided proof that he actually dreamt. We’re awarding him three Pinocchios.

Todd Starnes, Fox News Radio:

If God had wanted the races to be equal, blacks would have been born with bigger brains, that’s just a fact. Can’t we just sit and sip sweet tea and leave things as they are?


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Media Matters:

Media Fails To Acknowledge Basic Humanity Of Black People. Again.

Media Research Center:

Prime Time Broadcasts Continue Blackout on The Upside Of Segregation

Wall Street Journal (Editorial):

Civil Rights Marches Continue To Hurt Job Growth

Don Lemon, CNN:

Can’t we achieve Dr. King’s stated dream if black men would just pull their pants up?

Glenn Greenwald, The Intercept:

Click here to read my 98,000 word essay on why King is right but why the media should instead be focused on President Johnson’s disastrous foreign policy.

The Verge:

Waterhose Company of America Announces “New, More Intense” Nozzles For Upcoming Civil Rights Protests


My Father Was Brain Washed By Father Coughlin, And Here’s How I Debated Him On Civil Rights Over Thanksgiving Dinner


We’re Actually Better Off Segregated

Sean Hannity, Fox News:

It isn’t that I’m pro-segregation. But the mainstream media has stars in its eyes for Martin King. Can’t we hear some more from the rural southerners who are concerned that, as Americans, they are being silent? We need to hear from both sides here. I’m not anti-civil rights, but people should get to hear from both, equal sides.

Rachel Maddow, MSNBC:

Thank you for tuning in tonight. Did you see this story in the South Carolina Ledger-Tribune? It tells the story of one, local fight for racial equality. We’re going to spend the next 15 minutes on this local news story as a proxy for the big, fascinating national issue…


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Glenn Beck:

Up next on the chalkboard: the radical roots of Martin King’s rage. Who are the radical teachers who taught young King in Atlanta, including the troubling connection between his parents… and the Kremlin? You won’t believe what we found. But first, buy gold.

Donald Trump:

I will build a segregation so strong and so powerful that you wouldn’t believe.