If The Modern Media Covered The Civil Rights Movement

Mark Halperin
Mark Halperin, Bloomberg

Mark Halperin, Bloomberg:

Governor George Wallace gets the optics just right with his photo-op in front of the schoolhouse doors. He recognized this segregation wedge issue and got ahead of it. A+

Ron Fournier, National Journal:

It hurts me to say this because I think he’s right in his heart, but Dr. King’s message is just too divisive and strident. Why can’t he meet the segregationists half way? Please Dr. King, please lead. Find a way to heal this nation without being so pigheaded about this “freedom” thing.

Chris Cillizza, Washington Post:

President Johnson gets our award for the Worst Week in Washington after signing the Civil Rights Act. Major fail as he jettisons the south from the Democratic coalition.

Chuck Todd, NBC:

The polling on this civil rights stuff is all over the place. Depending on the wording, some believe blacks should be equal to whites, while others say no. Navigating these issues will be tricky, but the left could suffer some backlash with their push for human equality. Might be time to slow down.

Joe Scarborough, MSNBC:

I don’t get why the looney left is pushing this civil rights thing so hard. It’s just radical far left stuff. Isn’t the abolition of slavery enough for this crowd? We’ll have Governor Christie on next to comment.

Mika Brzezinski, MSNBC:

You’re absolutely right, Joe.

The Nation:

The Civil Rights Act doesn’t go far enough. King and Johnson are just tools of the corporations anyways.

Rush Limbaugh:

This Martin King is a communist. And the real racist, if you ask me.

Bill O’Reilly, Fox News:

Martin King is a divisive communist agent who is trying to weaken our nation. President Johnson is some sort of community activist who has thrown in with the “hate America” crowd. We should overcome them with tanks.


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