Top State GOP Official Showed Up On Ashley Madison Leak

Ashley Madison

A member of the Republican Party’s state leadership showed up in the leaked Ashley Madison data, but he has an excuse.

Jason Doré, executive director of the Louisiana Republican Party, was a member of cheating website Ashley Madison, whose data was leaked online by hackers.

According to Doré, his name was next to cheaters like Josh Duggar because he was conducting “opposition research.”

In a newspaper interview, Doré explained, “As the state’s leading opposition research firm, our law office routinely searches public records, online databases and websites of all types to provide clients with comprehensive reports.”

He would not elaborate on why his information showed up on the site.

It remains to be seen if any other Republican officials at the local, state and national level will be wrapped up in the Ashley Madison leak. It is also unclear if their alibis are more believable than Doré’s.

The leak of sensitive information already created another conservative controversy. Reality TV star and conservative activist Josh Duggar was a member of the site. After the leak Duggar issued a public apology for cheating on his wife. It is the second public apology for Duggar, after it was revealed that he sexually molested several girls, including his sisters.

Cybersecurity experts have been using the Ashley Madison hack to point out how vulnerable personal information continues to be online. Hackers released the names, credit card numbers, and other private identifying data of the site’s members. The release was accompanied by threats that the hackers were working in response to Ashley Madison being targeted towards people who are committing or are interested in marital infidelity.

The Ashley Madison hack also revealed that users at US government and military email addresses were included in the document dump, connecting federal email addresses with a website specializing in sexual hookups.