Florida Dad Arrested For Putting Teen Daughter On Stage At Strip Club

Jose Manuel Arguelles
Jose Manuel Arguelles

A Florida man is under fire for putting his 16-year-old daughter on stage at a strip club.

Jose Manuel Arguelles was arrested and charged with child neglect, allowing a child under 18 to do cocaine and smoke marijuana, and eight counts of sexual performance by a child to promote sex. He allegedly allowed his daughter to perform on stage at the Pink Pony strip club in Doral, Florida. She also allegedly smoked weed and snorted cocaine, along with a 17 year old friend.

The club has also been shut down and has to make a case for it re-opening in front of a magistrate.

Police were alerted when the daughter of the older girl saw cell phone video and pictures of the teens doing drugs.

Arguelles also had “photos and videos showing the victims dancing on what appears to be a ‘stripper pole,’ while on the defendant’s boat, wearing bikinis in the presence of adults,” according to the arrest report.