Does Bobby Jindal Think Defending Slavery Can Help His Failing Campaign?

Bobby Jindal
Bobby Jindal

Bobby Jindal’s presidential campaign is going nowhere fast. He’s polling at single digits, his fundraising is pathetic, and he’s a non-player among the oligarchs who are funding Super PACs.

Perhaps its a sign of his desperation that he’s weighing in in defense of the Confederacy. Jindal is part of an effort to block a local decision to remove a statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee in Mew Orleans (so much for local government having the final say, eh?).

The commission in question is also trying to remove a statue of Jefferson Davis, the slavery-loving leader of the Confederacy.

It is no secret that the recently renewed campaign to cease honoring the pro-slavery Confederacy is not popular among the core of the Republican Party, who either harbors racist views or is at best skeptical of the fight in favor of civil rights.

A statement from Jindal’s administration said, “Gov. Jindal opposes the tearing down of these historical statues and has instructed his staff to look into the Heritage Act to determine the legal authority he has as governor to stop it.”

Recent U.S. history has several conservative southern governors in the midst of a presidential run actively opposing civil rights in order to appease the racist element in America. Bobby Jindal is just the most recent on that list.