These Republican Presidential Candidates Believe A Raped Child Must Be Forced To Give Birth

Ben Carson
Ben Carson

Republicans are going well to the right of the American mainstream on abortion, even within the Republican Party.

They are beginning to coalesce around an absolutist position in which under no circumstances is a woman allowed to get an abortion, even if the woman in question is a victim or rape or incest. (Coincidentally this is the position embodied in the Republican Party’s official platform, ratified at the 2012 convention).

To be crystal clear: If you support no rape or incest exceptions to abortion laws, you are in the minority of a position supported by 75% of Americans. You support a child who is raped by their father, stepfather, or other figure being forced to give birth to that child. It is an extremist position, held by the fringes of American society.

READ HERE for what this policy means for a victim of incest in the real world.

Marco Rubio is now on record supporting this position.

Scott Walker also supports this position.

Ben Carson supports this position.

Mike Huckabee supports this position. (In 2002 he said he would make an exception if the life of the mother is threatened, it is unclear if he still supports that)

Ted Cruz supports this position, with life of the mother exceptions