Donald Trump Completely Integrated Into Right Wing Huckster Ecosystem

Donald Trump hasn’t been a prominent Republican politician for a long time, but it didn’t take many months of exposure to have him become a fully integrated member of the movement’s ever-present hucksterism.

On the right, the movement’s extremely gullible and easily duped members are often the targets of dubious sounding schemes of all sorts. That sometimes takes the form of pump and dump PACs with scary images of President Obama or Hillary Clinton and fake endorsements from leading right-wing ex-pols like Allen West, or real endorsements for fake cancer cures from people like Mike Huckabee, or end of the world seeds¬†and books sold to the mailing list subscribers from people and outlets as varied as Newt Gingrich, RedState, and National Review.


Check this one out, recently advertised on, the conservative opinion site owned by the Salem Communications Corporation – they run Hugh Hewitt and Dennis Prager’s radio shows, as well as

If you click through the ad (of course I did) you get what appears to be a page from (paging Fox lawyers!) but actually isn’t (the url is Instead its a wordy pitch for some sort of brain supplement, a pill called “CogniQ” that touts itself as “Viagra for the brain” that is purportedly the secret pill that makes Donald Trump so smart and has made him billions and led him to the top of the GOP presidential pile.


This is obvious, blatant horse puckey, but this kind of thing sells units, it has an audience, and is designed to pander to a particular world view. It’s the latest round of frankly pathetic right-wing hucksterism, and as the rise of Trump in the very real world shows us, not that far off the mark. And they’re all marks.