Disney’s Descendants Was Most Popular In These States

Disney's Descendants
Disney’s Descendants

On Friday night, Disney Channel premiered its TV movie Descendants. The film follows the teenage children of some of Disney’s most popular villains – Maleficent, Cruella de Vil, the Evil Queen, and Jafar – and their misadventures. The series was highly promoted by the network with other tie-in products like toys and books.

But where was Descendants the most popular?

According to Google Trends, the following 10 U.S. states were where Disney’s Descendants was most popular:

1. Hawaii
2. Louisiana
3. West Virginia
4. Utah
5. Delaware
6. Mississippi
7. Florida
8. South Carolina
9. New Jersey
10. New Hampshire

In addition to Descendants, people who searched for the show were also searching for Dove Cameron, who appeared in the show as Mal, the daughter of Maleficent (played by Kristin Chenoweth).

Dove Cameron - Disney's Descendants
Dove Cameron – Disney’s Descendants