Women Arrested For Alleged Hate Crime Attack On Teenage Lesbian Couple

A pair of women in Massachusetts have been accused of attacking a lesbian couple at Six Flags New England.

The women have been charged with assault and battery and violation of civil rights with injury. Their names are Damarielys Mukhtar, 29, of Springfield and Nikia L. Butt, 27, of Holyoke. The alleged victims were 18 and 19.

The victim told police that Mukhtar yelled graphic, homophobic slurs at the couple when they kissed each other. The confrontation escalated when Mukhtar allegedly punched the victim in the face, knocked her to the ground, kicked her, and pulled her hair.

The other woman, Butt, then joined in.

Both assailants left the fracas when a crowd began to gather, then allegedly returned with a knife.