Oliver Willis

“Ex-Lesbian” Getting “Straight” Makeover Is Latest GoFundMe Grift

Chelsie René

In case you haven’t noticed, the crowdfunding site GoFundMe has become the go-to place for people to scrape up money from gullible conservatives. Again and again, campaigns pandering to the right-wing mindset find a home on GoFundMe and separate the right from their money. After Officer Darren Wilson shot Michael Brown and after the anti-gay bakers made the new, they and their supporters ran to GoFundMe.

Meet Chelsie René, from Las Vegas.

Chelsie René writes on her GoFundMe page that after years as a lesbian, she is walking in a “new lifestyle.” Amidst talk of traveling the country to share her story of transition (no details or plans are given for this planned tour), she needs your help. She needs you to donate. So she can buy “straight” clothes.

You see, Chelsie has “a closet full of everything I have accumilated (sic) over many years to hide who I was” but “this straight journey is nowhere near cheap” so she humbly asks “for any help at all to contribute towards the necessities of embracing this feminine side of me.”

She even shares a photo of the shoes – so many shoes – from her years as a lesbian, promising that she will “donate every single piece to young individuals in need more then me.”

Chelsie also shares a photo of herself shopping at the mall, so you know where your donated money is going to be spent.

Chelsie René

She has earned $450 of her $1,000 goal. People are falling for this. Welcome to the grift.