Oliver Willis

Secret Audio From Koch Bros. Group ALEC: “Dark Money” Label Is Hurting Our Brand

ALEC, the well financed Koch Brothers group designed to enact right-wing laws at the state level is afraid of how the “dark money” financing their activities is being labeled.

In audio leaked to Politico, ALEC insiders admit, groups pushing for disclosure of dark money are winning the public relations fight. They complain the phrase is “conjuring images of shady operatives in smoke-filled rooms.” Of course, conservatives have long pushed against both limits and disclosure for financial donations to political causes.

The remedy for ALEC and company’s problem is hilarious: “If the media were to call it something better such as ‘anonymous free speech money’ or something else. Somebody needs to come up with a better label than ‘dark money.”

As usual with the right, the idea is never to stop using the money to influence and pervert the debate, but rather to just rebrand it into something more focus-group friendly.