Fox Contributor Wrote Book Accusing Left Of War On Women, Doesn’t Know What An Abortion Clinic Escort Is

Katie Pavlich
Katie Pavlich

Fox News’ Katie Pavlich revealed just how ignorant you have to be to get a spot on the roster — or maybe how dishonest.

In response to a tweet from Hillary Clinton expressing support for Planned Parenthood, Clinton supporter Taj Magruder noted that he had served as a clinic escort for women visiting Planned Parenthood. Fox’s Katie Pavlich jumped on the thread, asking “What, exactly, is a PP ‘escort’?”


This question is odd for several reasons.

1. Everyone commenting on national U.S. politics, particularly on women’s health issues, should easily be aware of clinic escorts, and the need for them after violent threats from anti-choice activists over the last few decades (including the murder of clinic doctors, workers, and personnel like Dr. George Tiller). These issues have even come up in the Supreme Court, during the discussion of how close – if at all – protesters can come to the clinic. Particularly somebody who goes on national television to discuss this.

2. Pavlich wrote a book about women’s issues and politics. Specifically her book Assault and Flattery: The Truth About the Left and Their War on Women. In her book, Pavlich claims she is “out to debunk the sacred cows of the so-called Republican War on Women.” But she doesn’t know what a clinic escort is?

3. It gets worse. We have to ask: Did Katie Pavlich write her own book? I ask this because in her book she REFERS TO ABORTION CLINIC ESCORTS. In a chapter attacking the National Organization of Women (NOW), Pavlich notes (page 138) a fundraiser where participants wore costumes like “bright orange ‘clinic escort’ vests.”


So either she doesn’t know this basic concept now, or she didn’t know it then when she “wrote” her book. At some point she was ignorant of a basic issue affecting the lives of American women, but is held up as someone who can “write” an entire book about these topics and speaks about them on television. Well, on Fox News at least.