Sam DuBose Shooting Video Should Turn Your Stomach

The video of University of Cincinatti police officer Ray Tensing killing and shooting Sam DuBose is stomach-turning. DuBose presented no behavior that warranted Tensing shooting him in the head, instantly killing him.

Even worse is the word that other police officers were backing up Tensing’s false version of events, claiming that he was being attacked by DuBose.

What needs to be done now?

We need to mobilize and organize and push for body cameras on police officers and dashcams. We need this video everywhere, now, with the ubiquity of Miranda Rights. At local, state, and at the national level, funding needs to be pulled for police departments who don’t implement body cams.

If a police department has officers who turn off their cameras, their funding needs to be stopped, immediately.

Body cameras are good for cops as well. They allow for an objective analysis of situations, often exonerating police from claims made against them. We can’t allow for yet another cycle of anger and despair without a concrete outcome.

Ohio prosecutor Joe Deters talks about the behavior of officer Ray Tensing:

Ray Tensing Mug Shot:

Ray Tensing Mug Shot
Ray Tensing Mug Shot