Rand Paul Insiders Admit His Presidential Campaign Is Collapsing


Rand Paul was among the first out of the gate among Republicans running for President, but his campaign has been pretty quiet and candidates like Trump, Bush, and Walker are well ahead of him.

Now, as we’ve seen with past dysfunctional campaigns – Clinton ’08, the Palin faction in 2008 – people love to leak their complaints to the media. Cue the Rand Paul folks:

Interviews with more than a dozen sources close to the Kentucky senator, all of whom spoke on the condition of anonymity, painted a picture of an underfunded and understaffed campaign beaten down by low morale.

They described an operation that pitted a cerebral chief strategist against an intense campaign manager who once got into a physical altercation with the candidate’s bodyguard. And they portrayed an undisciplined politician who wasn’t willing to do what it took to win — a man who obsessed over trivial matters like flight times, peppered aides with demands for more time off from campaigning and once chose to go on a spring-break jaunt rather than woo a powerful donor.

They sketched a portrait of a candidate who, as he fell further behind in polls, no longer seemed able to break through. Paul, lionized as “the most interesting man in politics” in a Time magazine cover story last year, was supposed to reinvent the Republican Party with his message of free-market libertarianism, his vision of a restrained foreign policy and his outreach to minorities.

Another victory for dorm room libertarianism!