Planned Parenthood Videos From Center for Medical Progress Are A Hoax

Planned Parenthood

The videos from the Center for Medical Progress anti-choice groups are a sad hoax. The videos attacking the group are misleading, dishonest, and a lie.

The videos claim to show Planned Parenthood affiliated representatives haggling over the prices of baby parts, when they don’t.  The group, Center for Medical Progress, released an unedited video that shows in stark detail just how deceptive the edited videos they released are.

In one video Dr. Deborah Nucatola clearly says “nobody should be “selling” tissue. That’s just not the goal here.” That was edited out of Center for Medical Progress’ video.

In another segment, Dr. Nucatola discusses costs, but she is speaking about shipping and transportation costs. That was edited out of Center for Medical Progress’ video. They left off half of her statement in to make it appear as if she was speaking about the costs of baby body parts.

Throughout the video Dr. Nucatola refers to “tissue donation” but anti-choice activists have continued to act as if this entire operation was a for-profit enterprise within the world of abortion providers.

Conservative politicians were given access to the videos before Center for Medical Progress released them, but acted as if the revelations were new, in order to coincide with the anti-choice movement’s public relations push.

The people behind these videos are extremists. Center for Medical Progress has one board member (Troy Newman) who stalked abortion clinic workers and said abortion providers should be killed. Another Center for Medical Progress operative (Cheryl Sullenger) was sent to prison for conspiring to bomb an abortion clinic.

The main person behind the Center for Medical Progress is David Daleiden, who was part of Lila Rose’s group Live Action, who has been called out numerous times for adding deceptive edits to anti-abortion videos. His other associate is the notorious fabulist James O’Keefe, who targeted minority organizations with hidden cameras and more fake videos.

The entire operation is a hoax designed to get politicians to crack down on abortion access for women, largely backed by men and a conservative mindset that bristles at women determining the fates of their own bodies.