Breitbart Writer Embraces White Supremacist #Cuckservative Hashtag


A reporter and editor for Breitbart News has begun using a Twitter hashtag currently in circulation from the white supremacist movement.

Katie McHugh, who identifies herself as “homepage editor and investigative reporter” for Breitbart News, used the hashtag to attack conservative detractors of current GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump. Breitbart News is a conservative news site that has often gotten major stories wrong while attacking liberals and the mainstream media.


Breitbart News has been a big supporter of Trump, much to the chagrin of other conservatives who see the reality star as a flawed candidate.

Trump supporters have been using the #cuckservative hashtag to describe these detractors. The phrase is a combination of cuckold – a man who watches his wife have sex with another man, often a black man with a white woman – and conservative. White supremacist supporters within the conservative movement have been using it to express their support for Trump’s anti-immigrant views.

Leading conservative pundit Rush Limbaugh gave a nod to the cause, proclaiming on his radio show that “If Trump were your average, ordinary, cuckolded Republican, he would have apologized by now.”