Study: Auto Insurers Are Charging Women 226% More Than Men


A new study from the Consumer Federation of America finds a gender disparity in auto insurance rates.

Auto insurers are increasing rates for widows by as much as 226 percent, while the data does not show that these women are riskier insurance customers.

CFA executive director Stephen Brobeck told NBC, β€œIt seems inhumane for insurers to raise rates on women who have become widows.”

The CFA studied insurance rates for two women, one aged 30, the other 50, with perfect driving records in 10 major cities. Every insurance company but State Farm penalized new widows by an average of 20%. GEICO added a premium of as much as 226%, depending on the location.

The study found that rates were higher for women – single, separated, divorced or widowed – everywhere but Tampa, FL.