Sara Taylor Fagen: Meet The Press Panelist Was Karl Rove U.S. Attorney Scandal Operative

Sara Taylor Fagen
Sara Taylor Fagen

Sara Taylor Fagen appeared on the July 26, 2015 edition of Meet the Press as part of Chuck Todd’s roundtable.

As part of her appearance, Fagen made two interesting claims. First she said that the Democratic Party in the last few years has drifted further to the left than the Republican Party has to the right. This is demonstrably false, both in voting records and in the rhetoric of the party’s leading voices, particularly President Obama. Secondly, Fagen accused Planned Parenthood of organ harvesting and selling body parts, both also false claims that were promoted in the deceptively edited videos produced by the group – Center for Medical Progress – with ties to anti-abortion terrorists and stalkers.

But the most interesting part of Sara Taylor Fagen is her past, as part of Karl Rove’s office in the George W. Bush White House.

Fagen currently serves as a partner at DDC Public Affairs.

She was a “top Iowa staffer” in George W. Bush’s 2000 presidential campaign, then became¬†political director on Bush’s White House team.

Fagen resigned from that position in May of 2007 while also being subpoenaed to testify about the U.S. Attorney scandal under then-Attorney General Alberto Gonzales.

Emails unearthed as part of that investigation showed that Fagen was part of the campaign to push out high performing U.S. Attorneys in favor of lawyers loyal to her boss, Karl Rove.

Fagen eventually testified in front of a Senate panel, but hid many of her communications about disposing of U.S. Attorneys under the broad assertion of executive privilege that President Bush had authorized for her and others.

Gonzales eventually resigned in disgrace from heading the Justice Department for this, and other, indiscretions.