Anonymous Twitter Egg Avatar To Run For Republican Presidential Nomination


TWITTER – An anonymous egg avatar is set to announce his or her candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination on Thursday.

Sources close to the anonymous egg avatar said it felt that the Republican field is “wide open” and that its existence as a 2-dimensional digital artifact is “unlikely to hinder it’s run.”

In a recent Fox News poll, the anonymous egg avatar was outpolling Ohio governor John Kasich, former New York governor George Pataki and Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal. A Quinnipiac poll found the anonymous egg avatar only 3% Republican frontrunner Jeb Bush in overall approval rating.

A representative of Fleischmann-Gallagher, a public relations firm on retainer for the anonymous egg avatar campaign said, “Republican primary voters are still largely undecided, and our focus groups show that the anonymous egg avatar’s strong opposition to illegal immigration and the third measurable dimension are the sort of traditional values that test well. We feel good about our challenges.”

At press time, Black Twitter could not be reached for comment.