Oliver Willis

Donald Trump Is In Second Place In A New National GOP Poll

Let me repeat myself: Donald J. Trump, serial clown, is polling second in a NATIONAL poll of the Republican party (from Fox News!).

Bush tops the list of GOP contenders with 15 percent support among Republican primary voters.  That’s up from 12 percent last month and his best showing yet.  Support for Trump more than doubled since his announcement and that catapults him into the top tier at 11 percent. He’s followed by retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson at 10 percent.  No one else receives double-digit backing.

This is more than just a clown show. This is a CLOWN SPECTACULAR.

Jeb Bush served as governor of one of America’s largest states. He comes from a family with two presidents. By all accounts, he is a very serious Republican. He is only ahead of a birther, bigoted, stupid clown of a man by 4%.

The two political parties in America have survived a lot. Both parties have suffered massive losses in presidential and midterm elections over the years.

But this is one of the most humiliating things I have ever seen, for either party.

Donald Trump. Is right behind John Ellis Bush. In a national poll. LET THE CARTOON BEGIN.