Oliver Willis

The Tired Conservative Trope Drinking Game

In arguing with conservatives there are a set of tired, worn out tropes they will almost always bring up with tiring regularity. It should be a drinking game. And now it is.

“Martin Luther King Was A Republican” – 1 Drink

No, he wasn’t. Shut up.

“You’re The Real Racist” – 1 Drink

Conservatives believe that pointing out racism is often worse than actual racism. This is stupid.

“Robert Byrd” – 1 Drink

Sen. Robert Byrd was a KKK member. He rejected the Klan, opposed the Iraq War, and died with a 100% rating from the NAACP. But conservatives like to pretend that Democrats and liberals supported his Klan beliefs through his entire career, so they invoke his name without any context.

“Democrats Opposed Civil Rights” – 1 Drink
“Democrats Started The KKK” – 1 Drink

In fact, southern conservative Democrats did oppose the Civil Rights Act. But a majority of Democrats supported the bill, and it was signed into law by a Democratic president. The Democratic Party changed its ideology as the GOP became increasingly hostile to minorities. But conservatives like to pretend there is a direct line between Bull Connor and Barack Obama.

“We Elected Obama” – 1 Drink

Conservatives insist that electing Obama definitely Solved Racism Forever. Never mind that many of their fellow conservatives have subjected the president to racial attacks, the myth is that since America twice elected a black man, all future claims of racism are null and void. Utter tripe.

LBJ Was Racist/Said Racist Things (Or That Unverified Quote Of His About Ni***** Voting Democratic) – 1 Drink

LBJ was no saint. He also signed the Civil Rights Act of 1964 into law. He was a good enough ally for Martin Luther King, so who cares what motivated him? The fact is he signed one of the most important laws in U.S. history after advocating for its passage.

Republicans/Lincoln Freed The Slaves – 1 Drink

This pretends as if the Lincoln-led Republican Party that really did free the slaves didn’t change its ideology in the ’60s and ’70s to be a white-resentment vote generating machine that demonized “welfare queens,” blocked access to the ballot box, and in general couldn’t give a damn about minorities.

Blacks Owned Slaves – 1 Drink

Like this makes slavery okay, or that slavery in America was anything but white subjugation of blacks