Oliver Willis

The Free Market Helped Tear Down The Confederate Flag And Conservatives Are Upset

Retailers Amazon.com, Walmart, eBay, Etsy, and Sears have all decided to stop selling confederate-branded merchandise.

Those companies made their decisions without being compelled to do so by the government – and the government would have a weak case based on free speech anyways. What happened was the market has decided to reject a flag whose sole purpose was to represent those fighting to preserve a system of slavery.

Still, conservatives are angry. Their protests of course all have variations on the phrase “I oppose the confederate flag, BUT” and then freely flows a stream of absolute excrement. The same people who declared “I am the mob” when opposing health care reform are now reaching for their fainting couches and complaining about pitchfork-wielding social justice warriors hell bent on burning books (metaphorically).

Stuff it.

America has largely decided against the confederate flag, far too late and far too long but we got here. The flag is a travesty, it represents a deservedly failed idea and it shouldn’t be flown over state capitols or celebrated in any way by freely elected state governments. Even in a museum, it deserves to be placed in the context of the flags of other failed, genocidal regimes.

Put it in the dustbin of history and urinate on it. Let the market decide.